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The first thing to know when booking flights into the Key West Airport, EYW International, is that this airport is very small. So small in fact, that the airport does not have an official web site!

My wife and I love Key West and created our site and this page for travelers looking for information about Key West flights. If you are planning a Key West vacation, you will find great tips throughout our web site.

There are many ways to get to the island. We flew into Ft. Lauderdale and drove to Key West for our first visit and have been flying into EYW ever since.

During our first flight into Key West, we noticed that the landing at Key West International was very abrupt. During our most recent flight, the flight attendant announced that passengers should “prepare for a very fast landing”. The landings are not scary and are certainly safe, but you do notice the rapid deceleration as the pilot slows the plane. The island of Key West itself is small. Only 2 miles by 4 miles in total area. The size of the island means that the runways at Key West International must also be small. Runway length at EYW is under a mile at only 4,801 feet long. Compare this to Chicago’s O’Hare airport where runways can be up to 13,000 feet long.
The Key West airport terminal, gate and ticketing area are also small. This can be a good thing because you don’t have very far to carry your luggage. It can also be very crowded.

Upon your arrival in Key West, you will walk across the tarmac and into the airport without using a jet bridge as you exit the plane. This is actually nice. I always enjoy the warm Key West breeze, really start to relax, and feel like I am on vacation during the short walk to the terminal.

Once inside the terminal, there is only one baggage claim area. If you checked luggage on the plane, you will have no trouble finding it at the airport…as long as your luggage also flew to Key West that is! Upon arrival, the terminal can become quite crowded with barely enough room to stand.

You can rent a car at Key West airport if you decide you need one during your stay. Inside the EYW terminal are a few car rental counters. Other Key West car rental companies are located off site and there is a courtesy phone at which you can call them. They will pick you up outside the airport and drive you to their off site location to pick up your rental car.

Bar stoold at Sunset Pier bar

When your vacation is nearing the end, don’t let the small size of the airport lure you into having one more mojito or rum punch at Sunset Pier before catching a cab for the airport. I have made that mistake and nearly missed my flight twice!

Allow plenty of time at the airport prior to your departure. There is only one security line and it sometimes stretches into a velvet rope maze down a short hallway and out of sight from the ticket counter. When standing at the ticket counter you only see a short line before the security check point. As you get near the line, you realize that the line is much longer than expected.

I have also seen other people drag their luggage through the line bumping into everyone along the way while explaining that they simply must get to the front of the line because they will miss their flight.

Please give yourself a break and be considerate of others by allowing plenty of time to pass through security at Key West airport.

Conch Flyer airport restaurant

Conch Flyer Restaruant and Bar

Also in the ticketing area is the Conch Flyer Restaurant which has a large bar and plenty of table seating. Again, just make sure you get to the security line in plenty of time. We have also made the mistake of sitting at the Conch Flyer too long and nearly missing our flight.

When planning your Key West vacation also explore alternatives to Key West flights. In addition to flying into Key West airport, you might also check fares into Ft. Lauderdale or Miami. The drive to the Keys on highway 1 can be relaxing depending on your tolerance for traffic and whether you are in a hurry or not. If you are not in a hurry, the drive is relatively short. Rent a convertible. You will enjoy the ride through the Keys with the top down.

Another option would be to fly into Ft. Myers from where you can make the drive or avoid traffic by taking a boat to key west What better way to begin your Key West vacation than on the water.

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