Key West Bars – What’s your flavor?

Key West bars – What’s your flavor? After a day at the beach, it’s time to venture out into the Key West nightlife. Key West offers a plethora of bar choices…from simple to fancy from inexpensive to top shelf, from “come as you are” to exchange your flip flops for shoes and a tie.

So, What Is Your Favorite Key West Bar?

Tell us about your favorite bar in Key West

There are bars in Key West for spring breakers, bars for bikers and everything in between. Believe me, there is a bar in Key West just for you. Personally, I recommend trying them all!

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Whether you feel like kicking back and watching the crowd roll by or dressing up and enjoying an evening of elegant ambiance…you will find something to quench your thirst in Key West. Most Key West bars and restaurants are laid back as is the entire setting and feel of Key West.

It’s five o’clock somewhere (Any Jimmy Buffet fans out there?) So here are a few Key West bars to quench your thirst:

The Schooner Wharf Bar is an excellent choice with a good mix of locals and tourists…and their dogs…Yes their dogs! My favorite seat at the Schooner Wharf Bar is the upper deck patio which has a great view. From here you can sit for hours and watch the ships come in. You will see everything from Key West sailing charters to mega yachts. I am sure you will enjoy the lively atmosphere at the Schooner Wharf Bar – Check it out!

The Hogs Breath Saloon is a well known bar in Key West offering a wide selection of contests and activities. The Hogs Breath Saloon is a great place to hang out and people watch. There is an entrance on Duval St. as well as a back entrance. The restaurant is usually crowded, but if it doesn’t look like there is an open seat - check out the bar. When we were there last, there weren’t any seats in the restaurant, but our party of four quickly found empty seats at the bar where we ordered sandwiches and a few drinks. I hate to wait in line for seating and the bar was perfect!

Many great Key West bars are found by word of mouth. We found Louie’s Backyard when a friend recommended it as one of the best waterfront bars in Key West. This Key West treasure is off the beaten path of Duval and not necessarily a place you would stumble upon, but from Old Town, it’s just a short drive or cab ride and well worth the trip! You’ll find plenty of seating and a great menu. The After Deck at Louie’s is one of our favorite places in Key West. We thought we would have a couple of drinks and ended up staying the whole afternoon. The amazing view and friendly relaxed vibe are second to none! Sit back and relax while you enjoy a bit of island time at Louie’s.

Do you love a great local hang out while on vacation? Geiger Key Marina
and the Hogfish Bar and Grill are your tickets to Key West paradise. These Key West Bars require a quick drive and are worth the trip whether you are looking for a drink or a fresh local menu. Geiger Key Marina, of course, is on Geiger Key and the Hogfish is on nearby Stock Island – both very close to Key West. Both bars/restaurants sit on the water and you will enjoy seeing boats coming and going from their outdoor seating areas. If you brought your boat to Key West, you can tie up at both of these favorites. The fish is fresh and the drinks refreshing! Add the wonderful Key West weather…and yes, you have found paradise. Oh and by the way, when you are at the Hogfish, be sure to order the Hogfish sandwich and a pitcher of ice cold beer!

Sloppy Joe's, one of the most well known Key West bars has been serving drinks since 1933! It is said that Hemingway used to frequent this establishment. The doors open at 9 a.m. Live music starts at noon and the doors remain open until the wee hours of the morning. Sloppy Joes offers a main bar and a Tap Room which serves up a variety of craft beers. Sample them all. You can’t miss it on the corner of Duval and Greene Streets.
Want to know what others have said about Joe's Tap Room? Click here to read the reviews or write your own. We would love to hear from you. You can write about Sloppy Joe's or any of your favorite Key West Bars. We'll post your reviews and stories on our blog so others can enjoy all the best spots in Key West.

Joe's Tap Room

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