Excellence in Key West dining and tropical ambiance.

Welcome to Latitudes on Sunset Key. If you are looking for Key West dining that offers something different, something beautiful, and something that sits on a gorgeous beach, you will find it here.

“Where is Sunset Key?” you might ask. Sunset Key is only a few hundred yards from Key West and is viewable from Sunset Pier and Mallory Square. There are no cars on the island which is a Westin resort. To reach the restaurant you will board a free shuttle boat just outside the Westin in Key West. Simply call ahead to make reservations with the Westin Concierge where you will also pick up your free tickets for the ferry. The concierge can be reached at 305-292-5394. The ferry ride to Sunset Key provides you with beautiful views in every direction and takes about 10 minutes. When you make your reservation, you are actually making your reservation for the ferry. When you arrive at Sunset Key, you will be greeted on the dock as you leave the boat. From the dock, you will be seated at your table.

I have read other online reviews where people were confused by their reservations, so here is a tip…The time of your reservation is actually the time you will board the ferry at the Westin on Key West. Plan to board the ferry near the Westin at the time of your reservation. You will be seated about 15 minutes later for a fantastic meal in tropical ambiance.

Latitudes is a restaurant/bar that offers indoor and outdoor seating with beautiful views of the water and Key West - magnificent. We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful white sand beach, palm trees and ocean breezes from the Gulf of Mexico. If you like boats you will enjoy the view of all the boats anchored nearby.

This restaurant is gorgeous – beautiful wood finishes and amazing photography adorn – decorated in a classic, tropical manner. Although I would enjoy dining inside in the lovely atmosphere, Key West calls us outdoors whenever possible. During the January day we visited, the Key West weather was sunny and 72 degrees. We soaked up the sun while we contemplated which menu selection we would choose. We both went with the Fish Tacos – which were not only absolutely delicious but worthy of a photo! This was not an easy choice – the menu is great and offered many tempting dishes. I am sure the desserts would have been amazing as well, but we were all too full to sample any. Out of the 9 people in our party, everyone was completely delighted with their meal as well as the portion. The service level of the Latitudes staff was impeccable, especially considering the size of our party.

Dock at Sunset Key

When your visit concludes, simply board the boat to Key West. The return trip offers excellent views of Sunset Pier and Key West Bight. You may also find yourself looking up at a Key West cruise ship!

Speaking of cruise ships, if your arrival to the island will be aboard one of the many cruises to Key West, the docks at the Westin are a short walk from where the cruise ships dock. Latitudes would be a great place for lunch during your time in port. Latitudes is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Shirts and shoes are required and dinner dress is “country club casual” (no cover-ups, tank tops, etc.) We enjoyed lunch at this Key West restaurant and now must return to try out their breakfast and dinner options. Here’s another restaurant we added to our list of best Key West restaurants!

Are you planning a special event? Latitudes will host your event, or meeting. If any of you are planning weddings in Key West, this would be a great setting for that special day. Properties and rental cottages are offered on the island, which is owned by The Westin.

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